About Us

Our B&B is called Al-Qattà, ancient Arabic name of Canicattì . It means “stone cutter”, with reference to an ancient water source , around which the stone quarry worker  first houses , were built .We are in the heart of the historic centre overlooking the garden of Castle Bonanno.

In the distance you can  admire the “ amphitheatre ” Borgalino , the highest part of the city and few metres away stands the Clock Tower .

The B&B is renovated from a pasta factory of the last nineteenth century and its located in a strategic position , only two steps from the historic and commercial centre of the city where you can find cafés ,pubs and wine bar , to have an aperitif and spend a relaxing evening , listening to live music .

If you want to have a funny night, there is the “Comida” one of the most important and exclusive nightclub in Sicily just a few hundred metres from our B&B. For food lovers there are confectionery ,takeaways, pizzerias, trattorias and restaurants where you can taste local products and delicacies of our land and sea.


Many years ago, it was said “go to Canicattì ” to indicate a non-existent or at last a very distant location .Actually this expression  had a real foundation . In fact , on September 24 th 1876 , the first long railway line in Italy , Milan-Canicattì , was inaugurated. Our city represented the furthest  point of the national railway. On railway carriages , for many decades were read there signs : Turin-Canicattì , Milan-Canicattì,

Venice-Canicattì  , Rome- Canicattì .This is why, even day, in northern Italy it continues to use this term to refer to a very distant place .